You're gonna need more RAM

Despite what Apple says, more memory is always better.

Because of Apple silicon’s unique “unified memory” architecture, Cupertino says you need much less RAM than you think.

According to Apple, 8GB of RAM on the new M3 MacBook Pros is equivalent to 16GB of RAM in a comparable Windows PC.

"Comparing our memory to other systems’ memory actually isn't equivalent because of the fact that we have such an efficient use of memory, and we use memory compression, and we have a unified memory architecture," said Bob Borchers, Apple’s VP of worldwide product marketing, in an interview earlier this week.

However, real-world performance tests show that you absolutely need 16GB of RAM in a new M3 MacBook Pro if you’re running compute-intensive apps like Photoshop, Blender and Lightroom. The differences between an 8GB machine and a 16GB one are actually quite dramatic.

But what if you’re not running power-hungry apps? 8GB of RAM may in fact be enough. It wasn’t for me when I bought a base M1 iMac a couple of years ago, though. The machine regularly stutters and chokes if I have more than a few apps and browser tabs open.

So ignore Apple: Always get as much RAM as you can afford.

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

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