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An Apple Passwords app is on tap.

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Back in 2001, a small software company called Karelia Software released Watson, an early pseudo web browser geared toward search.

Watson allowed you to search sites like Amazon, eBay and Epicurious from your desktop, and it supported plugins to expand its utility. This was the early days of the web, when Google wasn’t yet a giant and Yahoo was still cataloging the internet by hand.

Watson became a big hit, and in 2002, won a coveted Apple Design Award.

But later that year, Apple added very similar features to a program built into Mac OS X: Sherlock.

The Sherlock 3 update allowed Mac users to search their local files — and for information online. It instantly made Watson redundant, and a new word entered the Silicon Valley vocabulary: “sherlocked.”

Getting sherlocked refers to the unfortunate situation where Apple (or another big company, but it’s usually Apple) releases a feature or app that instantly obviates the need for a piece of third-party software.

Over the years, it’s happened many times. Occasionally, the media makes solemn lists of all the apps and companies that have been sherlocked after one of Apple’s keynotes.

Well, it sounds like it’s about to happen again Monday — this time to 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane and others.

WWDC24’s opening keynote likely will see Apple introduce its first stand-alone password manager — which will almost undoubtedly instantly sherlock any company that sells password management software.

You have to feel for these companies. Getting sherlocked can’t be fun.

But at the same time, it’s often foreseeable. People have long clamored for a stand-alone Apple Passwords app, and the company already has some functionality in place.

One of the advantages of being a small business is nimbleness. Let’s hope the makers of rival password managers saw this coming and made preparations to pivot or stay a few steps ahead of Apple.

If not, my condolences.

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