Soon, iPhone will speak in your own voice

Apple's new accessibility feature looks promising.

Today, Apple announced a bundle of new features for better accessibility — including Personal Voice, which trains your device to speak in your voice with 15 minutes of training.

It’s designed for folks who may lose their ability to speak, but the possibilities for everyone seem intriguing.

In addition, Apple added new features to its Music and Maps apps that make it easier to find live music in your area.

We're only a few weeks from WWDC, and Apple continues to drop news before the big show, and that can only mean one thing: Everything Apple announces at WWDC is going to get drowned out by the big reveal — a groundbreaking VR/AR headset.

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

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People say sometimes, ‘You work in the fastest-moving industry in the world.’ I don’t feel that way. I think I work in one of the slowest. It seems to take forever to get anything done. All of the graphical-user interface stuff that we did with the Macintosh was pioneered at Xerox PARC [Silicon Valley’s legendary Palo Alto Research Center] and with Doug Engelbart at SRI [the Stanford Research Institute think tank] in the mid-’70s. And here we are, just about the mid-’90s, and it’s kind of commonplace now. But it’s about a 10-to-20-year lag. That’s a long time.

— Steve Jobs, 2008.

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