How to silence your Apple Watch

Plus use Do Not Disturb and theater mode.

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The other day, I was watching my son sing in a choir (he has the voice of an angel, a bass one) when, to my horror, my phone started ringing.

The woman sitting next to me — a stranger — instantly swiveled to face me with a look of stern disapproval. (Like I rang myself, lady! Give me a break!)

No worries! I placed my palm over my Apple Watch and my iPhone immediately stopped ringing.

The woman’s face turned from annoyance to approval! She gave me an approving nod, and afterward, asked how I’d done it. She’d not seen the feature before.

I went from zero to hero — thank you, Apple Watch!

Silencing calls with my palm is perhaps my all-time favorite feature of the Apple Watch. It’s so simple. So easy to do, and so useful.

And — I didn’t know this — you also can silence the Watch itself with the same gesture.

If your Apple Watch suddenly starts pinging with a flurry of notifications or alerts, just place your palm over it and it’ll go into silent mode.

It’s just one of four ways to silence your wearable — here’s everything you need to know about keeping your Apple Watch quiet.

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