Are these a preview of next-gen AirPods?

New sport buds showcase tech likely coming to AirPods

Sennheiser’s new wireless earbuds likely sound great — the German brand has a good reputation — but the company’s buds are interesting for another reason: They’re a preview of the next generation of AirPod Pros.

Just unveiled at CES, the Momentum Sport earbuds are designed, as the name suggests, for fitness activities.

They include a built-in heart rate monitor plus a thermometer. They can output real-time biometric data to a range of fitness devices and apps, like bike computers, exercise machines, Peloton and Strava, as well as fitness watches from Polar, Garmin and, of course, Apple Watch.

Heart rate and temperature sensors have been rumored to be coming to AirPods, but never materialized — for reasons unknown.

Nonetheless, Apple must at least be considering adding these sensors, even if Apple Watch already has a heart rate monitor and a (somewhat limited) thermometer — used mostly for cycle tracking in women.

If Apple is looking to add an accurate thermometer to its arsenal of devices, the AirPods are a better candidate than the Apple Watch. It’s easier to get a reliable temperature reading from your ear than your wrist.

Let’s hope these types of sensors are on track for the next iteration of AirPods, rumored to be coming in 2025.

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

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A message from the Cult of Mac Deals team

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