MicroLED coming to Apple Watch? ⌚️

I've owned and enjoyed every generation of Apple Watch since its debut in 2015, and not once have I ever thought it had a problem with the screen.

Apple uses OLED technology, and it's proven pretty fantastic.

OLED screens are thin, bright and power-efficient (OLED is a self-emitting light source and doesn't need a power-sucking backlight).

My watch is so bright, it's awakened me at night when the screen accidentally came on.

But what's this? There's something even better coming down the pipe?

If rumors are true, Apple may soon switch to microLED, which offers many of the advantages of OLED, but is even brighter, more durable and has a wider color gamut to boot.

Plus, microLED doesn't suffer from burn-in, which is the only complaint I've seen from Apple Watch users about their watches' displays.

So bring it on, Apple. You've got to love it when something nice gets even better.

-- Leander Kahney, EIC.

P.S. Also in today's issue: The iPhone 16 may hide Face ID under its screen; get tips on traveling with AirTags; today's the day Steve Jobs unveiled the first MacBook Pro; and score a great discount on the iPad mini (or some striking Japanese kitchen knives).

Apple will bring a microLED screen to its wrist wearable, according to a reliable source of insider info. This would replace the OLED displays currently in Apple Watch. A switch to microLED would bring an improved type of screen: brighter and less prone to burn-in.

The Face ID sensors reportedly will be hidden from users in next year’s iPhone 16 Pro. That would free up space for more screen area. If true, under-display Face ID might mean that the days of the Dynamic Island are numbered.

You can control the Yale Smart Safe and Yale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi using Apple's Home app, giving you extra options for securing goods and documents.

Owning a professional knife set completes a kitchen and makes whipping up outstanding meals easier than ever. This eight-piece Seido Japanese Master Chef Knife Set, which comes with a gift box, is one of the best you can get. You can grab it for just $99.99, marked down from $249.

Did the iPad mini catch your fancy? Amazon has a killer deal on Apple's smallest tablet, knocking $99 off its retail price. After the discount, you can get the 2021 iPad mini for just $399.99.

Traveling is a lot easier if you can keep track of your luggage with AirTags. It’s been in the news lately: Airlines have lost flyers’ bags and people have recovered them because they had the foresight to put an AirTag in the luggage. You can make sure it’s with you all the way along your journey, and quickly find it among the baggage claim at your final destination.

On January 10, 2006, Steve Jobs unveiled the original 15-inch MacBook Pro at the Macworld Conference and Expo. The laptop featured several innovations that set it apart from the crowd.

Your Mac and MacBook can easily share a monitor, and quickly flip between them, with the IOGear 2-Port 4K USB-C KVM Switch with DisplayPort Output. I tested it in my home office, and it really reduces the hassle of switching between two computers. Plus, it lets the computers easily share a wired mouse and keyboard.

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"If I look at myself and ask, 'What am I best at and what do I enjoy most doing?' I think what I'm best at is creating sort of new, innovative products." -- Steve Jobs, 1985.

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