Latest iOS beta lets users move Safari Address Bar

After a lot of howling from beta testers, Apple is revising its controversial Safari Address Bar design.

Beta testers can now choose to have the Address Bar on the bottom, or move it back up top.

The choice is made via Settings.

Aside from the fact that I like the Address Bar on the bottom -- after initially struggling before getting used to it -- it seems very un-Apple to be offering users two different UI schemes. What's next? Skins?

I personally think Apple should force the new bottom Address Bar on users. It's better, even if it does take some getting used to. The users will offer thanks later.

-- Leander Kahney, EIC.

Apple hoped to redesign the Safari web browser in iOS 15 by moving the Address bar to the bottom of the screen. But there was so much pushback from beta testers that the latest prerelease version includes the option to move the Address Bar back to the top.

Since Apple Watch gets a hardware update like clockwork every fall, it’s a safe bet we’ll see a Series 7 model next month with a better display and a new flat-edged design, both of which sound great to me. But I’m less keen on the prospect it might come with additional health sensors. Here’s why.

The European Commission is reportedly moving ahead with legislation that’s expected to make USB-C the common charger standard in the EU. We users should be encouraging Apple to embrace the change. It’s time for the Lightning port to go. Lightning was fine in its day… but there are multiple reasons why USB-C has become a better option.

Babbel is the No. 1 way to pick up a new language — 14 new languages, actually. During the Babbel is Back promotion, you can get a lifetime of Babbel Language Learning for just $199.

FlickType, maker of the accessible iPhone keyboard that has become popular among those with vision impairment, has confirmed it is discontinuing its app after years of obstacles and “abuse” from Apple’s App Store approval team.

The anticipated SharePlay feature in FaceTime syncs up TV shows, movies, music and more across devices so people can experience them together. But the features in upcoming beta releases and the major official OS 15 updates this fall won’t include it, Apple told developers today.

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