iPhone's your ticket to ride

New iOS 17 feature makes it easy to share all sorts of things.

A new iPhone feature will soon make it easier than ever to share boarding passes, concert tickets and other essentials you’ve got stashed away in your Wallet app.

The feature, likely arriving next week in iOS 17.2, will initiate when you hold your iPhone next to another iPhone. A share button will appear, you’ll tap it, and boom — the digital pass will instantly beam from your iPhone to the other person’s.

It will work a lot like NameDrop, the feature that makes sharing contacts a breeze. (And no, NameDrop is not a security risk, no matter what you might have heard,)

With things like the Wallet app and Apple Pay, Cupertino has done a stupendous job of making the iPhone central to our everyday lives. Adding cool features like this one just makes everything more seamless.

As Tim Cook would say, I can’t wait for you to try it out.

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