The great 'Crush!' outrage: Day 2

Somebody even "fixed" Apple's provocative iPad Pro video.

The internet is still raging about Apple’s controversial “Crush!” iPad ad, which shows a bunch of fun and creative products being squished into the new iPad Pro by a hydraulic press.

Actor Hugh Grant joined the fray with an acidic critique of the ad’s message. And a lot of people are proclaiming a simple but clever edit of the ad is much better than the original. (See the post for the new edited version.)

Readers of this newsletter overwhelmingly liked the ad, according to yesterday’s poll. See results below.

Personally, I found the ad to be fine if you separate out the message from the execution. I saw some musicians on X complaining how seeing instruments destroyed provoked a strong gut-level revulsion (they’re probably not Pete Townsend fans), and that resonates. But the idea that the iPad can be all of these products in one is an empowering one, I think.

The iPad, and computers in general, have widened and democratized access to a wide range of tools and activities for many people, and that’s a huge benefit. A decade ago, few people had access to professional recording studios and all the instruments in an orchestra: now all that is available to anyone running GarageBand.

That’s the message of the ad, and one I find hopeful.

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

A message from the Cult of Mac Deals team

A message from the Cult of Mac Deals team

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That's why I dropped the “interim” from my title. I'm still called iCEO, though, because I think it's cool.

— Steve Jobs, 2000.

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