Folding MacBook: Huge or extra huge?

New details emerge about long-rumored foldable.

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Apple is reportedly working on a folding touchscreen MacBook that will likely debut in 2026.

It sounds like an intriguing device.

It may come in one of two potential sizes: huge or extra huge.

The screen will have no discernible fold.

It’ll also cost a small fortune (no surprise there!)

See our top post for juicy details.

However, I have one question: Why is this device being touted as a folding MacBook, when it sounds more like a folding iPad? Is this the future of the MacBook — it’s going to morph into the iPad?

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

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I love what we're doing at Apple now, I think it's the best work that Apple's ever done. But I think all of us on the Mac team point to that as the high point of our careers. It's like the Beatles playing Shea Stadium. We were really working fourteen-to-eighteen-hour days, seven days a week. For, like, two years, three years. That was our life. But we loved it, we were young, and we could do it.

— Steve Jobs, 2006.

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