First 'AR laptop' hints at AR/VR future

See what might be coming soon from Apple.

After 30 years, the basic design of the laptop hasn’t changed much: It’s still a keyboard and trackpad attached to a flip-up screen.

But that may change soon. An Israeli company just showed off what it calls the first “AR laptop.”

Named “Spacetop,” the machine dispenses with the screen in favor of tethered AR glasses that project a 100-inch curved space that only the user can see.

It’s a fascinating idea, and possibly a precursor to the kind of thing we might be able to do with Apple’s own AR/VR headset, which is likely to debut at WWDC in a couple of weeks.

Check out our top post to see how Spacetop works.

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.


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I had dinner in Seattle at Bill Gates' house a couple of weeks ago. We were both remarking how at one time we were the youngest guys in this business, and now we're the graybeards.

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