Don't quit your iPhone apps

Debunking a myth: Here's why you shouldn't close them.

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My 79-year-old mom loves her iPhone and is glued to it all day, every day. She’s constantly texting, sending pics, forwarding news stories and the like.

One day when we were getting coffee together, she launched an app to show me something. Then, when she was done, she swiped up to open the app switcher and quit the app.

When I asked why she did that, she looked at me like I was crazy. “I always quit apps when I’m done,” she said.

I looked at her phone, and sure enough, nothing was running!

My mom is not alone. A lot of people routinely quit apps on their iPhones, believing that doing so will free up memory, save battery life or make their devices run faster.

But it’s a myth! Quitting apps is actually bad for all these things — and here’s why.

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

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(Asked about his greatest creation: iPhone, iPad?) No. Apple -- the company. Because anybody can create products, but Apple keeps creating great products.

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