It's a disaster!

iPhone 15 launch proves glitchier than normal.

I overslept this morning, so I showed up an hour late to the big iPhone preorder party. Which is perhaps just as well, because it was a bigger disaster than normal.

Apple was overwhelmed by demand, with the Apple Store app glitching out for an hour or more and delivery dates for many Pro Max models slipping into October, and then November.

Seeing delivery times in October for the model I wanted (Pro Max in white), I panic-ordered the same model in blue, which was surprisingly available for pickup on launch day (although I couldn’t get one delivered until October for some reason).

To pick it up on September 22, I’d need to schlep to downtown San Francisco — only a couple of miles away, but the headache! So I also ordered the regular-size 15 Pro, which was available for delivery on launch day. Yeah, I know, I’m a lazy slob.

I only did this because:

  1. Apple offers great terms on the Apple Card. I bought both with monthly payments and no interest.

  2. I still can’t decide which model to get: I’ll be returning one of them after I decide which to keep.

How about you guys? What did you get? Take the poll below.

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