Better audio than AirPods?

New type of microspeaker sounds promising.

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AirPods sound great, but one audio company claims to have developed something even better: a solid-state microspeaker with really killer bass.

Because of their size, a lot of small speakers struggle to deliver good bass: They just can’t move the volume of air necessary. That’s especially true for the tiny speakers in AirPods and other earbuds and headphones.

But xMEMS Labs says it developed a new solid-state speaker that uses chiplike microelectromechanical systems, or MEMs, to deliver amazing audio across the full spectrum of human hearing. The company claims it’s a major breakthrough.

The first earbuds to use the new ultrasonic speaker have just been released: the wireless Falcon Max from Texas-based Noble Audio.

No word yet on whether Apple will use the technology, but if they sound as good as claimed, let’s hope so!

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— Leander Kahney, EIC.

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