Apple Watch owners, do this now!

If you haven't edited your widgets, you're missing out.

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It’s been months since I upgraded my Apple Watch to watchOS 10, and I’m just now taking advantage of one of the big changes it brought to the user interface: the widgets Smart Stack.

I snagged the original Apple Watch on day one, and have been wearing one practically 24/7 ever since. Naturally, I got used to doing things a certain way.

So I’m thrilled (and just a bit embarrassed) that, after reading D. Griffin Jones’ post on how to edit the widgets in watchOS 10’s Smart Stack, I finally got around to tweaking things.

What a difference a couple of small changes can make! (Griffin’s post also reminded me of the weird utility of the double tap gesture, which I rarely used on my Apple Watch Ultra until now.)

It’s easy to edit your Apple Watch widgets. If you haven’t done it yet, take a second to do so right now. It will make it easier than ever to quickly find the info you need.

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— Lewis Wallace, managing editor

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