1Password upsets fans with version 8 update

1Password is a vintage password manager and a much beloved app on the Mac. It's been around forever and has a legion of dedicated fans.

Not any more!

A new version, just released, has some long-time users up in arms, and they're taking to the streets (Twitter) to voice their displeasure.

What did they do? Check the top post to find out.

-- Leander Kahney, EIC.

1Password today rolled out its big version 8 update on Mac, and a lot of users are less than pleased.

Satechi has done what Apple won’t do and put five handy ports on the front of the M1 iMac. Its new USB-C Clamp Hub includes an SD card reader and four USB ports, making it easier to connect and switch peripherals in a snap.

Darkroom, the well-known photo- and video-editing app for iOS, iPad and Mac, saw a new software update yesterday with a host of performance enhancements, refinements and bug fixes.

Apple Pencil might be an outstanding stylus, but when you’re drawing on iPad, it still feels like a piece of plastic gliding across glass … because it is. If you prefer the feel of real paper, you need a paper-like screen protector. Check out this one from SwitchEasy — and bag yours with a 15% discount.

Tom Hanks’ second movie for Apple TV+ will debut Friday, November 5. The screen legend will star in Finch, a heart-warming story about a man trying to teach a robot about life.

Razer first introduced its gaming-centric Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds in 2019. The new version, released yesterday, includes active noise cancellation (ANC), the company’s signature Chroma RGB Lighting and a few other enhancements.

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