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Next iMac Pro could pack insane 20 CPU cores

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If you thought the new M1 MacBooks were powerful, just wait till you see the upcoming iMac Pro – which is rumored to run on a special “duo” M1 chip.
The rumored iMac Pro – tipped to debut early next year – could come with a special combo chip that marries two M1s into an “M1 Max Duo” chip with up to 20 cores, a 64-core GPU and up to 128GB of RAM.
Sound implausible? There’s already evidence that the M1 was designed to be doubled up, and there are plenty of references to “multi-die” chips in macOS.
In other news:
  • A handy new Mac app will alert you when your local Apple store gets certain items in stock.
  • Check out the souped-up Mac SE below, which features an incredible 128MB of RAM.
  • Trade in your old Apple devices with us. In many cases, we pay more than Apple.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

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Bacioiu Ciprian
The most ridiculous SE/30 out there!

50Mhz 030 base clock speed ✅
40Mhz 040 with the carrera ✅
Ethernet White ✅
Graphics Card White ✅
Portrait Monitor ✅
Flash Storage ✅
128 mb of ram ✅
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Basic Apple Guy
Where’s the photographer? 🕵🏻‍♂️
- Apple’s photo of the mirrored ceiling at Apple The Grove
One more thing ...
“Everything is important – that success is in the details.” – Steve Jobs
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