MS Office for just $49.99; Happy Father's Day!





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Forget the ugly tie or set of golf tees. What dad wouldn’t love a shiny copy of Microsoft Office for Mac for Father’s Day this Sunday?
He can happily fire up some spreadsheets or spend hours making PowerPoint presentations.
Plus, it’s a digital download, so if you’ve somehow forgotten dear old dad, you can still save the day – and a big bucket of bucks.
If you’re a dad, treat yourself. This is a serious money-saving deal. Normally $349, Microsoft Office suite is going for just $49.99.
And if dad isn’t already a power user, you can throw in a comprehensive instructional course for just $20 more.
What dad wouldn’t love the gift of shiny new productivity software?
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

Load dad’s Mac with MS Office for just $49.99
For Father’s Day this year, skip the tie and get Pops something he can use for the rest of his life: a lifetime license to Microsoft Office for Mac. It’s the gold standard when it comes to software. And if he doesn’t own the latest version, he’s missing out.
We’ve got a hot deal on this must-have software: You get the entire Microsoft Office suite for just $49.99. Plus, if your dear old dad’s not already an Office wizard, you can add instructional courses that will make him one for just $20 more.
Those are massive savings. Act fast, though, because Cult of Mac Deals’ big Father’s Day Sale ends soon.
Microsoft Office for Mac
There’s a good reason the Microsoft Office suite is one of the most popular home office and productivity software packages in the world. If you’re writing, organizing, presenting or sharing something, your first choice is likely one of the six programs in this set.
But that’s not all they can do. Microsoft Word isn’t just a blank document and the best built-in spellchecker. Excel is a lot more than a bunch of rectangles and stress. And some people make entire research posters ready to be printed just from PowerPoint. You or your dad may have used these programs, but many people barely touch upon what this powerful software can do.
Learn to use Microsoft Office
That’s where the extra courses come in. For just $20 extra, you can get comprehensive training that covers basic and advanced skills for each program in this bundle.
For example, learn to use Excel to do complex data analysis in a few clicks. Use Word to display information in a table instead of yet another paragraph. Watch your dad’s email inbox become more manageable with the advanced Outlook skills he’ll pick up.
And, like one of our verified buyers, you (and your dad) might love the cost: “Just in the savings for 1 year alone it’s a home run, and then add the classes too this bundle and the fact that it’s for a lifetime license is pretty remarkable.”
Save on Microsoft Office suite
Your dad may have pulled out his toolbox to fix things around the house throughout your childhood. Now you can get him a toolset to outfit his computer for life.
But hurry — the sale ends June 19.
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