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Hands on: Safari in iPadOS 15 is tab-tastic!

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If you hate tabs in browsers, you’re outta luck with iOS and iPadOS 15. Both new operating systems revamp Safari around a tab-centric design. Personally I love tabs, but if you hate them, like our writer Ed Hardy, using the new Safari might take some getting used to.
Spatial audio, on the other hand, is universally loved! Just kidding, but there are some things you should know before diving in.
And if all the new updates at WWDC this week have you missing simpler times of old, check out OldOS. It’s a clever project that re-creates iOS 4 as a standalone app. And it works!
We have more vintage tech, too. Some clever tinkerer converted an eMate 300 (one of Jony Ive’s first products at Apple) into a Raspberry Pi laptop. We love new life for old tech.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

Hands on: Safari in iPadOS 15 forces tabs on everyone
How to enable spatial audio for Apple Music on iPhone, iPad and Mac
Teen dev re-creates ‘nostalgic’ iOS 4 as standalone app called OldOS
macOS Monterey lets you use a second Mac as an external display
$13 turns your MagSafe Charger into a stand and grip for iPhone
New Apple Watch app lets companies reward healthy employees
Apple’s fascinating eMate 300 dud gets a makeover as a Raspberry Pi
One more thing ...
“One thing you know, if you’ve been in technology a while, you’re only as good as the last thing you did. No one wants an original iPod. No one wants an iPhone 3GS.” – Eddy Cue
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