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Hands on: Live Text in iOS 15 is completely amazing

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Back in the early ‘90s, when I was a reporter for MacWeek, one of my beats was OCR, or optical character recognition.
At the time, the idea that a computer could read and digitize text was mind-blowing. It seemed like computer magic. Of course, you needed an expensive flatbed scanner and even more expensive (and often unreliable) software, but it kinda worked.
Now you can just point your iPhone camera at a scene, and it’ll immediately isolate and digitize the text. How well does it work? Our writer Ed Hardy gave Live Text, a new feature coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Mac, a thorough testing and came away impressed.
And, in the world of everything old is new again, Apple is bringing back the text magnifier in iOS 15. Apple these days seems much more receptive to bringing back beloved features than at any time I can remember.
If you’re interested in selling on Amazon, check out our deal on an e-learning course that’ll turbocharge your store.
And if you’re curious about Apple Music’s lossless audio, check out our review of Belkin’s new Soundform connect, which supports beaming lossless music to older speakers and stereos. It’s pretty neat.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

Hands on: Live Text in iOS 15 is completely amazing
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“My mom is from Cuba, my dad is from Spain, and I grew up in Miami. So there’s maybe a little more flair in me than typical Silicon Valley types.” – Eddy Cue
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