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Managing storage is a never-ending headache. You always run out!
The Photos library on our iMac at home has ballooned to nearly 2TB, and keeping it backed up is a never-ending headache. My wife would literally murder me if we lost any of our kids’ pictures, of which there’s more than 20 years’ worth.
Currently, we have it backed up locally and to Apple’s iCloud+. But iCloud+ tops out at 2TB, and we’re fast approaching that storage limit.
That’s why I’m looking seriously at this plan from Swedish company Degoo, which offers lifetime 10TB of storage: plenty enough for our needs.
Although Degoo somewhat bare bones, this lifetime deal is super cheap and gets good reviews. Here’s another. And you can auto upload photo folders, according to the company’s website.
I haven’t tested it out, but I’m definitely going to. It’s a small price to prevent a murder!
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

Degoo offers lifetime secure storage and automatic backups
Degoo offers lifetime secure storage and automatic backups
It’s totally annoying when you run out of room on your smartphone or computer. To avoid that hassle, grab 10TB of secure backup storage with this Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan.
It’s on sale now for just $99.99. That’s quite a deal for such a large amount of storage. (By comparison, Apple charges $9.99 a month for just 2TB of iCloud+ storage!) But we’ll also give you a $20 store credit with your purchase.
Get 10TB of secure cloud storage
With Degoo, you get a lifetime of encrypted storage that amounts to more space than Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive combined. Degoo is the only place you can go if you want to keep everything in one place.
You can keep all your work files in 256-bit AES-encrypted cloud storage, but you’ll still be able to access and share them.
It lets you keep your confidential work safe, while also sending files securely via link to whoever needs to see them. For workers, that means knowing you’ll always have a safe place for your sensitive records. For families, it means safe copies of pictures, school plays and personal documents.
Enjoy automatic backups
Degoo will perform backups to all of your devices, too. So any smartphone, laptop or tablet you own suddenly has somewhere to store everything. You can download more essential apps to your mobile devices and finally be able to fit more than a folder full of videos on your hard drive.
You can even keep all your backups automatically updated with Degoo. You don’t have to remember to back up every single important file, because it’ll happen on its own. It’s an autosave for everything. Degoo covers nearly every one of the most common ways to lose your files, and the automatic updates fix the most insidious one of all: human error.
Save on Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan
Plus, we’ve got a bonus for you — a $20 store credit to spend on other Cult of Mac Deals.
Get the Degoo Premium: Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan + a $20 Store Credit on sale for $99.99 ($3,600 value). You’ll never worry about losing your files again.
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