Bye-bye, iPod 😢





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Apple knows how to bury the lede.
The company’s surprisingly long press release this morning rambles for several paragraphs about the joy of digital music before dropping the bomb: The last iPod – the iPod touch – will only be available while supplies last.
Steve Jobs was always ruthless about killing his own babies. If anybody was going to make iPod obsolete, he wanted it to be Apple. And so it was with the iPhone, which obviated the need to carry a dedicated music device.
It’s a cliche, but it’s the end of an era. The iPod was such a hugely important product for Apple. It transformed the company, paved the way for iPhone, and introduced millions of people to the delight of Apple tech. It was a joyous product. It made music come alive.
Good night, sweet prince; you’ll be missed.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

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Dan Frommer
Pouring one out for the iPod

One of my all-time favorite charts, the classic stegosaurus formation:
One more thing ...
“If there was ever a product that catalyzed what’s Apple’s reason for being, it’s this. Because it combines Apple’s incredible technology base with Apple’s legendary ease of use with Apple’s awesome design… it’s like, this is what we do. So if anybody was ever wondering why is Apple on the earth, I would hold this up as a good example.” — Steve Jobs on the iPod
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