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Benchmarks: Apple M1 Max shows mad gains

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Some early benchmarks of the new MacBook Pros show impressive performance gains.
The new M1 Max chip, for example, is by far the most powerful processor Apple has ever put into a laptop. It’s performance is roughly on par with the workstation-grade chips found in recent Mac Pros and iMacs, which is unheard of for a notebook.
And graphics performance looks even better. The new chip is almost 200% faster than the previous-gen 16-inch MacBook Pro with a discreet Radeon GPU.
Apple’s only been in the chips game for a year, and already it’s blowing everything out of the water. Just imagine what’s to come.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

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“I’m brutally honest, because the price of admission to being in the room with me is I get to tell you you’re full of shit if you’re full of shit, and you get to say to me I’m full of shit, and we have some rip-roaring fights. And that keeps the B players, the bozos, from larding the organization, only the A players survive. And the people who do survive, say, ‘Yeah, he was rough.’ They say things even worse than ‘He cut in line in front of me,’ but they say, ‘This was the greatest ride I’ve ever had, and I would not give it up for anything.” – Steve Jobs
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