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Ready for Amazon’s highest-rated iPad cases?

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If your iPad is damaged when it’s in a Zugu case, the company will cover the repairs for free.
That’s one of several reasons Zugu’s cases have a rare 5-star average rating on Amazon.
Zugu focuses on making the best iPad cases it can, and if rave reviews are anything to go by — and they certainly are — Zugu is wildly successful at its endeavors.
Take a closer look at Zugu’s iPad cases and how the company got to where it is today below.

Why Zugu iPad cases are Amazon’s highest-rated
Zugu iPadZugu iPad casescases are the No. 1-rated iPad cases on Amazon. They’ve garnered 75,000 5-star reviews overall. Most of the cases on the massive retail site have attracted several thousand reviews, with the precise percentage hovering around 88% 5-star ratings.
Built-in kickstand
What makes the cases so popular? A number of factors do. Zugu told Cult of Mac the cases’ magnetic kickstand, which offers eight viewing angles, stands out as customers’ favorite feature overall.
Military-grade drop protection
And the cases’ military drop-protection certification also helps.“Our case is not super thick or too thin, it’s just thick enough to protect the iPad from the most common drops — 99% of drops just fall 3 to 5 feet onto the floor,” Zugu said. “So we made our case just thick enough to withstand military drop testing certifications, but at the same time not being too bulky.”
Rigorous manufacturing and testing standards
If your iPad is damaged, Zugu will pay
The company noted that other large brands typically go through about 80 steps to manufacture an iPad case. Zugu has more than 160 steps, it said. And it actually tests every case with a genuine iPad to ensure the case does its job.
“We stand by our product and will pay for AppleCare+ repair costs for any iPad that gets damaged in our case,” Zugu said. Now that’s confidence.
And another thing that inspires confidence? Zugu has sold more than 1 million iPad cases, a milestone it achieved in March 2020, a decade after its founding by Tim Angel, who remains the sole owner of the company.
Zugu iPad cases by the numbers
Several other key features make Zugu iPad cases some of the best-loved around, including:
  • All Zugu cases boast 5-foot drop protection.
  • Each case features eight magnetically stabilized angles for viewing the screen, more than most cases.
  • Because the whole case is magnetic, you can stick it on any metal surface, like a refrigerator door, to use your iPad hands-free.
  • The cases have two spots for storing your Apple Pencil or Apple Pencil 2 — one charging slot and one elastic slot.
  • You can choose from several different colors. Cases come in black, cognac, navy blue, red, purple and a new, limited-edition pine green.
  • Every case uses high-quality materials inspired by the interior of luxury cars.
  • Zugu offers a two-year warranty and 30-day free returns.
  • The company donates 10% of profits to charity, including Children International, a nonprofit that helps break the cycle of poverty.
  • Zugu is still owned 100% by founder Tim Angel, who sold everything he owned in 2010 to start the company. Fun fact: He built the first Zugu prototype from paperboard.
  • Zugu achieved an average 5-star rating on Amazon in 2018 and reached 1 million cases sold in 2020.
Prices of Zugu iPad cases range from $29.99 for some of the older models to $89.99 for the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro case.
Where to buy: Zugu or Amazon
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